Drum and Container Recycling

Maxi Container accepts at its warehouse, or can arrange pick up for your empty steel and plastic drums and IBCs. As part of our Drum Recycling Program your empty drums and IBCs will be inspected and cleaned for reuse. If they do not meet reuse criteria they will be recycled; they are not sent to a landfill. Our recycling program is an environmentally sustainable practice and meets ISO 14000 rules. Our Empty Drum Certificate explains the regulations regarding how empty drums must be prepared for shipping. We can work with the persons at your facility responsible for the emptying of your containers, making sure they understand the regulations regarding proper handling of empty drums, such as 40 CFR Sec. 261.7, 40 CFR Sec. 261.33(e) and 49 CFR Sec.173.29. Should you or any of your facilities or customers have questions regarding the proper procedures for emptying drums, whether or not an item is on the EPA's "Triple Rinse List", or any other matter regarding the recycling of your containers, they are encouraged to call any of our Customer Service Representatives on our toll free number, 800-727-MAXI. By participating in our Drum Recycling Program, you help reduce waste and greenhouse gases. The amount of this reduction can be determined using the Greenhouse Gas Calculator developed by the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association. The calculator is an Excel spreadsheet that helps determine how many tons of carbon emissions you save by having Maxi Container recycle your drums. It can be downloaded from our website or from www.reusablepackaging.org

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Maxi Container is committed to Reuse and Recycling, whether it is recycling our office paper and supplies or making our Rain Barrels and Compost Tumblers from previously used food grade drums that would otherwise end up in a landfill. These "green" practices have been core values at Maxi for over 100 years but now, when being green is popular, we would like to remind our customers that we have always been a green company. Please take pride and satisfaction in knowing that when you choose to recycle your used containers with Maxi, you are helping the environment and promoting a sustainable future.

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